This week is the week to get your Emergency Prep kits together if you haven't already done so!  

Do you have a household 72 hour emergency kit? It's as easy as putting together a plastic tote with the following supplies and keeping it in a shed, garage or near the front door:

1. water (2 litres per person per day).
2. food that won't spoil (energy bars, canned goods).
3. manual can opener.
4. flashlight & batteries.
5. radio that runs on batteries or winds up.
6. first aid kit
7. any special needs medications
8. extra keys to car and house!
9. cash (small bils)
10. emergency plan with in town and out of town contacts and copies of major ID.

Even I can do that!

For more information on Emergency Prep for you and your family visit:
At 10:20 am on October 20th, get ready to Drop! Cover! and Hold On! as part of The Great British Columbia Shakeout!  This is your chance to practice for the real thing, so find a safe place, drop, get cover and hold on!  Drill starts at 10:20!

**Our Village Hall is the central point for an emergency such as a large scale earthquake.  Many assume it would be the elementary school, but that is not correct.  Be sure to discuss your emergency safety plan with your family and get everyone on the same page.